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    23 Oct 2018

    Full-Time Risk, Internal Control and Compliance Manager

    La Fayette Microfinance Bank – Posted by ZANFONGNON Vinadou Robert Oyo,Nigeria

    Country: Nigeria. Job Categories: Accounting & Finance. Job Types: Full-Time. Job expires on 02/11/2018.

    Salary: Variable

    Job Description

    La Fayette Microfinance Bank Limited – As an international registered microfinance bank, La Fayette Microfinance Bank offers a complete range of financial services and means of payment for its customers, including savings accounts, current accounts and fixed deposit accounts.

    Fully client oriented, La Fayette Microfinance Bank offers great flexibility, independence and financial security to help clients stay committed to their short and long term financial goals. Formally incorporated as La Fayette Microfinance Bank, the bank started full operation in February 2013 and has built a strong client base, serving clients from eight branch networks in Ibadan– Bodija, Challenge, Dugbe, Gbagi and Iwo road, Ogbomosho, Oyo and Saki towns, all strategically situated within close proximity to customers.
    Job Description

    The Risk, Internal Control and Compliance Manager will partner with management in providing continual risk assessment and development comprehensive policies, procedures, compliance training, protocols, internal investigations, plans and implements enterprise risk management strategies and processes.
    Main Responsibilities and Task
    Risk Management:

    Work with Board Audit, Risk and Compliance committee in ensuring the identification and prioritization of risks and reporting of the same
    Monitor and report on compliance with regulatory requirements.
    Proactively identify emerging risks and report to relevant stakeholders.
    Develop risk management system and train departmental risk champions on implementation
    Attend Board Audit and Risk Committee meetings; and any other duty assigned by Management
    Develop the Enterprise Risk Management Policy for the bank
    Set a risk and compliance framework for the firm in line with our principles and culture.
    Proactively Guide the integration of enterprise risk management with other organizational planning and management activities.
    Identify training needs for risk management and oversee development of enterprise risk competence and awareness across the bank
    Evaluate the adequacy of the company’s internal control framework in addressing risks and accomplishing the company’s goals and objectives;
    Credit Risk:

    Analyse, on a quarterly basis, quality of loan portfolio depending on:
    Client Officer / Branch
    Composition of LCM
    Type of Business Activity
    Zones or market area.
    Change in RSM
    Value of Collaterals, etc.
    Perform regular analysis and monitoring of credit risk and exposure and likely impact on La Fayette MFB on:
    Quality of the loan portfolio
    Business sector analysis
    Market trends
    Perform periodic market survey to identify sector base risks in our target market.
    Follow-up and advise management regularly on the performance of exceptional loan files:
    Restructured Loans.
    Top-up Loans.
    Regular follow-up of bad debt management by the Recovery Unit and make recommendation on :
    Management of nonaccrual loans
    Performance of written-off loans
    Legal cases
    Management of seized items.
    Valuation / Auction exercises
    Research and advice management on exceptional cases (potential high risk).
    Operational Risk:

    Identify and liaise with department and unit heads in identifying major risk areas and propose actions in the management of such
    Monitor implementation of action plans to ensure risk mitigation efforts are proceeding as required.
    “Test” the effectiveness of cascading risk management approach to business decision making
    Fraud Analysis, Prevention & Whistleblowing:

    Develop a proactive, independent, balanced fraud risk awareness within the bank
    Exercise direct ownership for Fraud Risk Management control across the Bank.
    Ensure compliance on all fraud risk reporting requirements both internal and external.
    Develop Standards for Fraud Risk Management.
    Ensure that Fraud Risk achieves an optimal balance with regard to cost, efficiency, operations and customer service.
    Act as a major stakeholder in managing whistleblowing.
    Reporting Tools:

    Update all Risk reporting tools to the M.D on a monthly basis
    Develop new reporting tools in line with business need.
    Compliance Function:
    Keep abreast with all government legislations and CBN policies that may affect operations and advise management on it.
    Work with IT to ensure full compliance of monthly reporting of lending activities to the Credit Bureau.
    Attend Board Audit and Risk Committee meetings and any other duty assigned by Management.
    Act as the banks Compliance Officer I relating with regulatory bodies e.g CBN, NDIC etc
    Co-ordinate the writing and updating of processes, procedures and other guides relating to operations
    Perform regular control on KYC/AML for account opened in branches
    In-charge of Pol_Pro_GUIDE and must ensure its regular updates in all the branches.
    Work closely with IT (data base) to ensure that the update of various forms, profiles, TC Limits, etc. in Orbit are made according to procedures.
    Keep abreast with and advise management of any new development in the market by a competitor, government or CBN that may have impact on operations
    Internal Control and Reporting on Mission:

    Ensure the implementation of good internal control system in all branches through a regular follow-up of the implementation of BM/CSS/HT Checklists.
    Performs controls on client transactions in their account to check correctness and consistency.
    Conduct independent control on the full compliance of policies and procedures at all stages of the credit process through desk review and field reviews with the main purpose of identifying and blocking all loopholes in the process
    Ensure the proper dissemination and implementation of new policies and procedures in the branches relating to operations.
    Be actively involved in the set-up of a new point of sales in order to ensure proper implementation of all internal control systems
    Perform control on customer feedback in branches – opening the suggestion boxes and discussing its contents.
    Ensure the implementation of all reporting tools across network and head office.
    Generic Activities
    The Head of Risk Management shall demonstrate:

    Ability to forecast needed adjustment to strategy in order to achieve operational and financial objectives
    Control of internal policies, especially regarding to the bank’s risk exposure
    Contribution to strategic thinking.
    Ability to train and support teams under his direct responsibility
    Ability to represent Advans Nigeria in the intervention area by demonstrating professionalism and dynamism, and to develop a valuable knowledge of his/her intervention area, gaining respect and confidence from clientele
    Ability to communicate clearly with staff under supervision and management at the head office level, both orally and in written
    Ability to anticipate, identify and analyse issues that may hamper the development of the institution (internal control)
    Ability to ensure a timely and transparent reporting to higher ups, and to propose new initiatives for the overall business development.
    Person Specification

    Minimum of First degree in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts and relevant professional qualification in e.g. ACCA, CIBN, CIB, MCP.
    Familiarity with operational, financial and quality assurance procedures is required.
    A Masters degree in Management will be an advantage.
    Work Experience:

    Minimum of 10 years relevant experience in microfinance of which five should be in a managerial capacity.
    Good understanding of the compliance function in a micro finance establishment is also required.

    Good interpersonal and communication skills.
    Good analytical and mentoring skills.
    Personal Traits:

    Meticulous, rigorous, open-minded, autonomous and Team Player.

    How to Apply

    Register and log to the http://recruit.lafayettemfb.com

    Country: Nigeria. Job Categories: Accounting & Finance. Job Types: Full-Time. Job expires on 02/11/2018.

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